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Block runner is a mind twisting game with a great combination of puzzle and platforms, which will lead you to overheat your brain. Move the blocks where   Rob-oto runs, trying to connect them with other blocks. In that way avoid falling to the emptiness creating new paths to reach the portal. You will also need to help Rob-oto finding the energy cubes scattered around the levels to unlock new and amazing worlds.

  • Unique game that mixes puzzle with action platform that creates an environment that will overheat your brain.
  • Discover a simple but unique type of gameplay so fun that you will play for hours.
  • Travel through 4 different worlds with a lot of levels full of unique challenges and ways to solve them.
  • 3 different game modes: Arcade, Survival and Challenge.
  • Find energy cubes to gain access to other worlds.
  • Observe and think. Thats the way solve the game levels.
Pocket PC and Symbian devices
Nominated to III Desarrollador_Es Awards 2008: Most Innovative Game
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